Manufactured To Destroy (EP)

by Tachyon Crisis Talon



This special EP follows up the new album, The Genesis Node Awakens. The Death-Robot anthem from the album has been given the remix treatment - with pumping dance ready remixes as well as djent-ish death-robot grinds alike. This is a must have release for all Death-Robot fans as it truly pushes the genre forward in new and exciting ways! It makes the perfect compliment to The Genesis Node Awakens.


released November 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Tachyon Crisis Talon UK

It's been over 5 years since the Death-Robot genre had a Headliner act to spearhead the genre and give it a face. Now it finally has one, suceeding acts such as Tourian and Carnivore Adaption - Tachyon Crisis Talon takes the Death-Robot genre into the future with inspiration taken from teh current Djent and Aggrotech styles - while remaining still pure 100% Death-Robot. ... more

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Track Name: Manufactured To Destroy (Oblivion Mix)
Manufactured to destroy
Legions that we shall Deploy
We shall march across this land
Hope and fears at our hand

Rising from the ash and dirt
A whole world that we shall subvert
Apocalypse that we create
A future that will form our gate

Look into this bleeding sky
Raining down the end is nigh
I command this mighty battle
Eradicate the worthless cattle

We shall write this data here
Computations coming clear
Icons of a senseless age
Burning out before our rage

Here we take the iron vow
War of steel in the now
Take command and take control
Across the dust we're on patrol